1 tryb warunkowy i 2 tryb warunkowy z ćwiczeniami

Dotyczy przyszłości, warunku który najprawdopodobniej się spełni.
Czyli – co zrobimy, albo co się stanie jeśli spełni się jakiś warunek. np. jeśli będzie ładna pogoda to pójdziemy na spacer

(Future Simple) <- (if + Present Simple) We will go for a walk if it is sunny tomorrow.

List z Obozu

Dear Emma,
I?m writing to you because I?m at a camp In Gdańsk. The weather is very nice. But next week I?m coming back to Kraków. I wish you were here with me. But you are so far? so I?m writing.
We have a very nice time here, we didn?t walk a lot. The boys play ball, like as usual.

Streszczenie książki "Beauty and the beast"

In a big house there lived the merchant with three sons and three daughters. They were very rich.. The youngest daughter was called ‘Beauty’, because she was very beautiful. One day, the father said they are poor. They sell their big house, and bought small house in the village. Beauty helped in house: washed up, cooked dinner.

A My winter holidays - ferie zimowe

I spent my winter holidays at home. The first week I spent with my brother. We played snowballs. On Wednesday we went to the Plaza shopping Centre and we went to the kino. On Thursday we played computer games and watched TV. On Friday and Saturday we went sledging. On Sunday my parents and I went to church.

List z podróży do przyjaciela

Brzesk 22
55-335 Godzisk

6th July
Dear Zosia,
I'm sorry I haven't written for such a long time but I didn't have time.
At present I'm on holiday in Mexico. It's a wonderful country! Weather is glorious. It;s hot like a hell. The sun is shining all days.