Szczawnica - reklama miejscowości

Szczawnica this city located in the region Małopolskim. It is situated between Pieninami a bandwidth of the Beskid Radziejów Sądeckiego. You'll want to visit the top: Jarmuth, Palenica, Bryjarka.
There are also Homole Gorge and the bicycle path that can be reached by bike or get to the border with Slovakia.

A letter of recomendation

Dear Ms. Page
I am writing in reply to your recent letter asking for a reference for Lisa Miller. Miss Miller worked for this company for four years and rose to the position of Main Accountant. She left the company when she moved house.
Miss Miller was a sociable and hardworking person.

List-Zaproszenie na przyjęcie

Dear Anna!

I'm going to have a party on Saturday. Would you like to come? It's startins at eight p.m. I'm inviting all people from our class. It's going to be in my grandparents' house.

First my grandma is going to serve a supper but at nine o'clock my grandparents are going to go to their neigbours.

Szkoła marzeń

My school of dreams...

At my favourite school there are four classes every day. Classes start at nine o'clock and finish at one o'clock. We don't go to school every day. Monday and Friday are free. Uffff... What subject are obligatory? Hm... Nothing! Today is Thursday, we've got first IT, then maths, sience at the afternoon and English language.

A letter to a friend: adventure on the holidays

July 23, 2006

Dear Asia!
Sorry I haven?t been in touch for so long. That?s because of the adventure I had a while ago. At the beginning I thought the whole sorry would end appositively. But unfortunately it turned out good, furthermore kinda funny!
I visited Bulgaria last holiday, where went with my good friend.