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At the moment, all the lights came on. 'Oh!' cried Mrs Robinsoon. 'Look!' Its only teddy- bear. 'Mum' said Alan. 'There are bloodprints on the carpet'. Mr Robinson shone the torch round the corridor and he saw bloodprints too. At that moment the lights went out again, but this time the whole family didn't cry. They went to Alan's room. Suddenly they heard some echoes in the Alan's room. Mr Robinson opened the door and he shone the torch round the room and he saw bloodprints on the bed. The whole family heard 'Hi!'. They didn't know who said it. Alan went to bed and uncovered the bed-clothes. At that moment from bed, flew a parrot. Dad, mum and Jane cried, but Alan laughed, because he knew, that it was the parrot. The whole family walked downstairs to the kitchen. The parrot sat on the table and it had an injured wing. Alan went to it and he took it on hand. he asked mum to brought a bandage. When she do it, Alan bandaged the parrot's wing. The whole family were happy.