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MYTH: Wine, beer or a "glass" of vodka was not harmed anyone.
FACT: When we look at alcohol, and it will be repeated too often or when the body is particularly sensitive to alcohol - even small quantities of it may, at some point, no harm.

MYTH: Man is more resistant to alcohol than women
FACT: The way to respond to alcohol depends on the individual characteristics of the body, health, nutrition, etc.

MYTH: Alcohol prevents coronary artery disease and heart attacks
FACT: "Protective" action of alcohol has to rely on its impact on the economy of fat and delaying atherosclerotic process. However, it is not known what will be the final result of the systematic consumption of even small amounts of alcohol. People who are less resistant to the effects of alcohol may inadvertently damage the nervous system, liver and pancreas, and even become dependent on alcohol.

MYTH: Alcohol relaxes and is a good remedy for nervousness
FACT: Temporary relaxation, which some people suffer after drinking alcohol, separates them from the very short life problems. Problems still remain unresolved. Wytrzeźwieniu returns after them with even greater tension and anxiety. Further recourse to alcohol in view of the risk you run zrelaksowaniu mechanism "vicious circle", which leads to addiction. It really is a negative impact of alcohol on the central nervous system entails an even greater "nervousness".

MYTH: Alcohol is the cure for sleep
FACT: Dormition of the drink is the result of toxic effects of alcohol on the brain (alcohol intoxication). When such a man does not sleep properly rests.

MYTH: Alcohol cures kidney
FACT: While drinking a beer is sometimes recommended to people suffering from nephrolithiasis ( "sand in the kidney) due to its diuretic effect, you must always remember the negative impact of alcohol on other systems and organs.

MYTH: An alcoholic is someone who must drink every day
FACT: Everyday drinking is a symptom of alcoholism, but it happens that an alcoholic drink for several consecutive days (the so-called "string" liquor). It is not difficult to meet alcoholics who drink only once or several times a year by Ileś consecutive days, and for weeks or months can maintain abstinence.