"Adam Mickiewicz Biography"

Born on 24 December 1798 in Zaosie near Nowogródek. He was baptised on 12 February 1799 and give the names Adam Bernard. He came from a family of nobility. His father, Mikołaj, was an attorney, and his mother, Barbara was the daughter. In 1807 he commenced his education in the distric school in Nowogródek, which was run by the Dominicans. On 16 May 1812 the poet?s father died, which brought about a deterioration in the family?s. In the summer of the same years Napoleon?s troops, heading for Moscow, marched into Lithuania. Nowogródek host Hieronim, the Westphalian king. The citizens celebrated the emperor?s birthday with due ceremony. He died, probably of cholera, in Istanbul on 26 November 1855. His corpse was transported to France and buried in the cemetery in Montmorency. In 1890 the coffin was transferred to the Wawel Cathedral in Kraków.

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