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Smoking is harmful for our health. This keyword is as old as addiction to smoke. However smokers often don’t know that they destroy their organisms.

Smoking makes your heart beat faster, your lung will turn black and you don’t be able to take the air. There are more than 4 000 harmful chemicals in cigarette that hurt your heart and lungs. When you smoke then you are getting weaker, you too tired for example to play your favourite games. Smoking also damage brain cells, especially young people’s. This habbit also causes cancer. It’s responsible for 30 percent of all cancer deaths and 87 percent of lung cancer deaths each year. For the pregnant woman smoking is the risk not just for herself but to her unborn baby too. The woman who smokes has big chance to lose her baby during pregnancy. The baby also may be born too early and may have problems in breathing. I also think that government should does something to stop smoking because many young people start smoking because they follow their parent’s example. Also people shouldn’t smoke in public places but they do it and disturb another people this way. It’s also unhealthy ror these people because when you are smoking you are also destroying health of people who don’t smoke but are spending time with you. As a conseqence they also may suffer from cough and astma.

These are the reasons ror which I think that world government should conduct serious campaigns against smoking.