List do rodziny u której spędziłeś wakacje

11th October, slupsk

Dear Mr and Mrs Smith!

At first I want to thank you for your hospitality. I had with you really great time and of course i have improved my English too. So living with you have many benefits. I felt in your house very comfortable like in my own.

Sporty po angielsku

polska nazwa sportu angielska nazwa sportu
badminton badminton
baseball baseball
bieganie running
bilard snooker
boks boxing
dysk / rzut dyskiem discus
gimnastyka gymnastics
hokej na lodzie ice hockey
hokej na trawie field hockey

"Adam Mickiewicz Biography"

Born on 24 December 1798 in Zaosie near Nowogródek. He was baptised on 12 February 1799 and give the names Adam Bernard. He came from a family of nobility. His father, Mikołaj, was an attorney, and his mother, Barbara was the daughter. In 1807 he commenced his education in the distric school in Nowogródek, which was run by the Dominicans.

List do właściciela mieszkania

Dear Mr. Garr

Thank you for renting me the flat in London. I enjoyed my stay but it turned out
to be more expensiove than we itially agreed on. Here is a list of things I had to
pay for during my stay. I also attach a bill for your conideration. I had to:
* fix the central heating (it was very cold) - Ł150
* change the lightbulb in the kitchen (terribly dark, we couldn't see what we were eating) - Ł2,50
* get a new doorbell (the old one wouldn'y ring when the pizza man arrived) - Ł 5
* oil the front doors (squeaked like your mice) - 50p
* decorate the living room with new wallpaper (it was peeling off)- Ł120
* repair the washing machine (water leaked and we flooded your neighbours) - Ł65
* tea and biscuits for Mr.

Sprawdzian z Unitu 16-17 z podręczników new Snapshot: Elementary

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