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About our club

The Club that's called "European Debating Society" was created by me and my friends from different european countries.

Important info about our club:
Our club is called " European Debating Society" and deals with educational matters eg. debating meetings at friendly schools, educational projects, discussing panels in classrooms etc.

Diana Frances Spencer

Diana was born in 1st July 1961, in a very wealthy and aristocratic family. Her ancestors acquired the title of earl from King Charles I in the 17th century. Diana’s father was an equerry to King George VI and to his daughter Queen Elizabeth II, whereas her grandmothers were nanny ladies-in-waiting to two queens.

Czasowniki nieregularne

Być – Be – was/were – been
Urodzić – Bear – bore – born
Bić – Beat – beat – beaten
Zostać, stać się – Become – became – become
Zaczynać – Begin – began – begun
Gryźć – Bite – bit – bitten
Złamać – Break – broke – broken
Przynosic – Brin

Biografia pisarzy

Lawrence W. O’ Nan created Andy Ant in the 1970s when he told bedtime stories to his children. He developed Andy Ant to assist him in instilling values and providing an imaginary hero for his two daughters. He regurarly lectures and teaches on subjects dealing with values. He and his family residein California, where is he is a fund raising consultant with nonprofit organizations.

AIDS - po angielsku


At the beginning of my essay I would like to write a few words about the disease called AIDS. Namely, it is the slightness of immunity system caused by the RNA- virus. When you have got that kind of illness you can die very urgent (for example of a flu). I am sure that if I had AIDS my life would extremely change.