Poem About a Ant

I am an ant?

I feel everyone?s a giant
I see you as a giant
Can carry many times the size of me
I can live with million?s other me?s
Close to me
And never get confused who is who
Every grain of sand for you is tinny
But for me
It is a big hill
I bath I your tear drops
My destinations fell so far apart for each other
Even thought there only a inch to you
I hide from your whispers
There soft to you
But to me
There a thunder storm
I am alive until
Until you attack me with that pesticide.

Phrasal Verbs

adhere to trzymać się (np. zasad) If you refuse to adhere to the rules of the club, you may be expelled.
aim at dążyć do czegoś/być; skierowanym na coś; Most of his books are aimed at teenager readers.
answer back odpowiadać niegrzecznie; pyskować; How dare you answer back like that?!
answer for ręczyć za I can answer for her qualifications in the field.

Pieniądze mogą przynieść szczęście w życiu - rozprawka

In Poland there is a funny proverb for the people who are living for work and earning money: “The money do not give any pleasure, but spending money – yes!”. Others say that cash is not a way for happiness in live, but everybody can be sure, that having money is not as big problem as empty wallet.

Plan wycieczki 7-mio dniowej.

The plan of seven?s day trip to Danish island Bornholm


Swinoujscie to Ronne
We started with ferry trip at 10 o?clock in Swinoujscie. It will take 5 hours. On the ferry there will be possibility to buy something to eat, you can play, drink some alcohol or watching some interesting movie.

Pocztówka z wakacji z Rzymu.

Dear John,

Greetings from Rome! I arrived on Saturday evening and since then I have had a great time here. The place I’m staying in is a 4- star hotel with a big swimming pool. My spacious and very comfortable room is in front of a beautiful garden. The Italian’s cuisine is delicious.