Text analysis. analiza artykulu z the independent


The Independent
By Geoffrey Lean
Published: 21 October 2007
SECTION: Environment
LENGTH: 413 words
HEADLINE: Legal threat to Apple after toxic chemicals discovered in iPhone
Apple's best-selling iPhone, due to be launched in Britain next month, may be forced to carry an official health warning after being found to contain toxic chemicals.

Application for a job- list motywacyjny

Jan Kowalski
ul. Polna 12

Regent College
Ul. Królewiecka 100

Dear Sir or Madam

With reference to your advertisement in yesterday’s “Rzeczpospolita” for a lecturer of pedagogy I wish to apply for this job.

The 19th and 20th centuries in English

After Nelson's victory at Trafalgar in 1805 Britain gained control over the oceans and British ships sailed around the world seeking new spheres of dominance. Also, many new words were imported from a great number of languages and gradually assimilated into English.

The nineteenth century brought many words derived from other languages, among which we can mention Indian (cashmere, pyjamas, polo), Chinese (kow-tow, chin-chin), Japanese (harakiri, samurai, geisha), Malay (sarong, dugong, raffia) and many others.

Application for the job

Dear Mr ......,
I would like to apply for the position of DJ in a busy Latin American Club.
I am a twenty three - old student. At the time I`m studying Music at the University, in Warsaw. I have ten GSEs including German. J know two languages English and Spanish very well.
I have a work experience.

The Butterfly Effect - recenzja filmu

I think the butterfly effect is the best movie what i’ve ever seen. This movie describs history of four friends. One of them – Evan – had very amazing life. As a child, he suffered blackouts and his mind is now a black hole of half-remembered memories and suppressed pain.
When Evan was young, doctor told him that he should write the diary, when he will write what he do everyday.