Gwiazdka nieaktywnaGwiazdka nieaktywnaGwiazdka nieaktywnaGwiazdka nieaktywnaGwiazdka nieaktywna
Le Parkour (called often PK) is very young extreme sport. PK has been created by David Belle in Lisses (France) in 80. and is becoming very popular now. PK is not a normal sport, for many young people it’s a lifestyle. PK come from.

In Le Parkour the goal is to run across (for example) city. If you’ll see any object on your road you need to try to jump over it. To do that you can use one of effective or easy Vaults. Very important thing inPK is “flow”. In flow you can’t stop, you need to do one big combo of tricks.

To train PK you don’t need any special equipment. All what you need is good shoes and some courage. Ofcourse, you can’t train if you don’t have where. Good objects to train PK are most kinds of walls,
fences, garages and barriers.

To lern PK you need to find someone that already train it or find some tutorials in internet. You can find many interesting things about pk in polish forum;

You can see some traceur (traceur is person who is training PK) in a few films. The most popular is “Yamakashi” and “Casino Royale”.

Safety is very important so you need be careful when you jumping on a new territory. You can train alone but remember one – Le Parkour is for you, not for show. So if you wanna train PK to impress your friends – better don’t even start it.