"What do you do last weekend?"- wypracowanie po angielsku

Last weekend, on Saturday I was spending my free time with family in the house. Ok. I'm starting to begin with. I got up at ten o'clock a.m. Even so I didn't rest. Next I had a shower because I am caring on hygiene. I was peased because my dad went to home. My dad is super! Later I made a breakfast. I ate bread, cereal and toasts. I drank milk. After breakfast I got dressed. I puton: T-shirt and jeans. Then was 12 o'clock a.m. Next I went to the shop with my brother. We bought a chocolate, grape and rools. So do I also bought a newspaper. Later, I was watching TV whole two hours. I was starved. Then my mum finished made a dinner. After dinner I finished surf the Internet whole one hour. Later, when I finished surf the Internet, I washed the dishes. (I hate washing a dishes!!!) Next I playing with my mum, with my dad and with my brother on game "Eurobiznes" I won! :) It was nine o' clock p.m. Then I watched TV. Later I had a shower and I went to bed. And this day ended!

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