An important event in my life. - a paragraph (advenced level)

Taking up scuba-diving was by far one of the most important events in my life. To be honest, I had never been very keen on sports before, especially as far as water sports were concerned, but once I tried scuba-diving, I changed all my attitude towards an active way of life. I had not been familiar with the equipment that professional divers use either until one holiday in Croatia, when my father came up with the idea of taking a course in scuba-diving.

An ideal holiday I have ever had.

Last holiday I’ve spent in Italy. It was the best summer time in all my life. I went to this beautiful country by car with all my family. I was living in a great hotel at the coastal. The weather was just glamorous: the sun was shining all the time, the sea was clean and the sand gold. There was a lot of people on the beach every day but it wasn’t a big surprise because there was really hot.

An essay about this and that.

I have a very eccentric neighbour. He is really strange. He used to be an employee at a data processing department but then they sacked him. The main reason was his hobby - phisics. He is a sciencist and makes lots of researches so sometimes he doesn't leave his house for a couple of days. Very often he was absent in the office so no wonder they fired him.

An article for the school magazine.

Recycling is an important issue today. The problem is that not enough people actually take the time or make the effort to recycle. What, then, can be done to encourage more people to start recycling?
Firstly, we need to organise a competition between local schools to see who can collect the most cans or paper.

An amazing crime

The Millennium Dome robbers wanted to go down in history as the gang who committed the biggest and most ambitious robbery of the Millennium-and they nearly did.

They never thought the police would catch them because they planned the crime and the speedboat getaway very carefully.