List do rodziny u której spędziłeś wakacje

11th October, slupsk

Dear Mr and Mrs Smith!

At first I want to thank you for your hospitality. I had with you really great time and of course i have improved my English too. So living with you have many benefits. I felt in your house very comfortable like in my own. I have also fantastic contact with your children. They are very nice. I?m sure that I will visit you next year.

But I?m writing to you because of another case. I have left in your house my favourite scarf which I like so much. This is ancestral scarf because my great grandmother had given it to my grandmother, my grand mother had given it to my mother and my mother gave it to me and now I have got it so later surely I will give this to my daughter. It is unique because it is so old. I will be very depressed if I loose it. It is so important to me. This scarf is a blue and has white spots so is very specific. It is made from silk. It has also little stain in the right corner. I supposed I had left it on the bedside table because it was last time I saw it.

So if you can to do something with it please send me it as quickly as possible. It is really serious situation, so think about it. Sorry for taking your precious time but I need this scarf. I will surely pay for everything. Give my regards to your children. Keep in touch.

Best wishes,

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