Streszczenie książki: "Much ado about nothing"

Don Pedro, Don John, Claudio and Benedick arrived to Messina. Claudio - Don Pedro's friend has fallen in love at first sight on Leonato's daughter name's Hero. Don Pedro offered Claudio, that he helped him with Hero. On ball Claudio proposed Hero and she said yes. Don Pedro's brother Don John didn't like that Claudio wanted to marry Hero, so he tried to make a trouble.

A Critic


When I am an adult I want to be a critic, because I love reviewing films, dramas, persons and I'd like to travel.

The job -
A critic is not a normal job. He haven't usually got time he needs to get up.
He can get a proposition to review a drama, ten he gets a free ticket and watch it.

List z trzydniowej wycieczki do starożytnego Rzymu

Rome, 25.09.100 year

Dear Asia!

To begin with I want to extend warm greetings to you and to send my letter force of kisses. Very much I would want you to be here with me and she admired the beauty of many wonderful places I had the pleasure to see which. I will try for you to describe them.

Streść incydent, który ostatnio miał miejsce w Twoim życiu

It happened a few weeks ago.I was walking with my sister Hanka along the street in Siedlce and we were talking.It was late,about 8 o'clock.Suddenly, we saw a starnge man who was climbing through the window to the nearest house.My first though was that it was a burglar and we called up the police.

A Guite to Dorset.

A Guite to Dorset.

The County was the home of authors such as Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy. Hardy, who is probably Dorset's most famous son, used the county town of Dorchester as his fictional Casterbridge. His nevls still attract thousands of visitors who are keen to see where he set "Far From the Madding Crowd and Jude the Obscure".