A ghost story


One day a couple of teenagers were talking at school corridor.
Jane,the chearlider was trying to argue others that ghosts are not real.
But she had no chance becouse the others were the “Paranormal Fanclub” members.
She ultimately gived up but when she was leaving she brawled with a new one in shool:Marco.

List z wakacji do przyjaciela.

Dear ... ,
> I'm writting to tell you about my wonderful holiday which I decided to spend in England. I have visited many cisies, but finally I've stayed in London. I really enjoy this place! I love the people and atmosphere have. Unfortunately, the weather is bad. It's raining all the time.


Supermax isn't human. It's a robot. Supermax can do almost everything, but he isn't perfect. Supermax isn't more intelligent than people. He can run at super speed and jamp over buildings. He helps all people. Supermax is very clever. He can see through walls and fly and climb. He is very strong and he can catch falling planes.

A ghost story

It was a dark and storm night. I was alone in the house. Suddenly, I heard a knock at the door. I went to the front door and opened it.
Outside was stood small boy. He was wet and frightened, he wore to small clothes and he didn't have a shoes. I had invited him form my house. He sat on the couch and he observed me.

List z wakacji.

Dear Patricia,
Greetings from Zakopane! This is a wonderful place, and it?s sunny and warm, but sometimes it?s windy. I?m wearing jeans, trainers and T-shirt.
Zakopane is beautiful city. We are staying in a pleasant and comfortable guest house with magnificent view of mountains.